Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions ("Ts & Cs") apply to all our clients, for whatever services we are providing to you; be it website development, software design, consultancy services or anything else you've asked us to help with (the "Services"). Because of the nature of our work, we'll often agree a contract with you on a piecemeal basis and the Ts & Cs ensure that we both know what our obligations and expectations are.


  • The Ts & Cs are often used together with an attached Services Order Form (the "Order Form") which sets out the details specific to you, such as the price and Specification. If we are not using the Order Form in our Contract with you, where the Ts & Cs refer to the Order Form, that will instead refer to what we have agreed with you elsewhere in writing (be it an email, fax or any other form of written communication).
  • When we refer to the "Contract", we mean the entire agreement to provide Services to you, which includes the Ts & Cs, the Order Form and any other oral agreement or document.


  • Together we will agree exactly what work you would like us to carry out and this will form the Specification.
  • Once the Specification is agreed, if you change your mind about any element of the Services we are happy to alter the Specification or alternatively agree a new one. You should be aware though, that this might affect the price at which we can provide the Services.
  • We appreciate that during the course of the Services, the same person will not always be available to give us instructions and discuss any changes to the Specification. You agree that we are entitled to rely and act upon the instructions of any person employed by you, contracted to you or whom we can reasonably assume is working on behalf of you, and you will be bound by such instructions.
  • If we have agreed that certain parts of the Services will be completed by certain dates, such dates will be known as "Milestones" and included in the Specification.


  • In return for you paying us the price quoted on the Order Form, we will provide you with the Services as described on the Order Form.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, we will send you an invoice for 50% of the agreed price on the Commencement Date (as stated on the Order Form) and a second invoice for the other 50% of the price when we've completed the Services.
  • You agree to pay within 14 days of the date on the invoice, after which (unless we've agreed otherwise) we reserve the right to (a) charge you interest on the outstanding amount at an annual rate of 4% above the base rate of Barclays Bank plc and/or (b) withhold all or part of the Services.


  • Once we've completed the Services (other than the Acceptance Tests), we will carry out the Acceptance Tests as described in the Specification, having first given you seven days notice:
    1. If the website/software fails the Acceptance Tests we will do our best to remedy these failures as soon as possible and the Acceptance Tests will be repeated;
    2. If the website/software passes the Acceptance Tests, it shall be deemed to have been accepted.
  • If you decide to "go live" with the website/software before acceptance has taken place, you will be taken to have accepted the website despite the fact that the Acceptance Tests have not been carried out.


  • We put as much skill and care into our work as we possibly can and will do our absolute best to provide the Services in accordance with the Specification.
  • We assure you that the website/software will conform to the Specification for a minimum period of 90 days following Acceptance (unless we've agreed a different period in the Specification). If a Defect occurs during the 90 day warranty period we will do our very best to rectify or remedy that Defect. For the purposes of these Ts & Cs a Defect is a problem with the website/software that has a material effect on its use or operation or a failure of the website/software to operate in accordance with the Specification.


  • The Contract will begin on the Commencement Date stated on the Order Form and will continue until the end of the warranty period described above.
  • If we have agreed to provide ongoing Services to you (such as domain name registration, hosting or maintenance) the Contract will last until the date specified on the Order Form, or if no date is specified until one party gives the other 7 days written notice that they would like the Services to end.


  • The Contract for the Services can be brought to an end by notice in writing:
    1. by us, if you fail to pay any invoice within 30 days of receiving it;
    2. by either of us if the other commits a material breach of a term of the Contract and fails to remedy it within 21 days of being asked in writing; or
    3. by either of us if the other goes insolvent or winds up.


  • Our liability to you will not exceed the price we have agreed in respect of the Services, except in those circumstances where the law says we can't limit liability (in which case we'll go with the law).
  • However we will never be liable to you for: loss of revenue or profits; loss of anticipated savings; loss of goodwill or injury to reputation; loss of business opportunity; losses suffered by third parties; or indirect, consequential or special loss or damage.


  • In the course of working together, we may each have access to information that the other considers private and confidential. This may be about the way we each run our businesses, about our competitors or clients, about our software, our finances or a whole host of other delicate subjects. We each agree that we won't pass any of this information onto anyone else except those who really need to know in order to carry out the Services.


  • All intellectual property rights, including copyright, design rights, patents and all other proprietary rights ("IPR") belonging to SAV before we begin the Services will remain our property both during and after the Services. Equally, any IPR that you own before we begin the Services will remain your property.
  • Any IPR that we have created during the course of the Services will belong to us, both during and after the Services. However, we hereby grant you a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide licence to use any of our IPR that are incorporated into the website/software developed under the Contract. You may not resell or reuse all or part of our IPR without written agreement from us.
  • Sometimes we will use IPR belonging to third parties (with their permission, of course). If we have used any third party IPR in the website/software we will procure all necessary licences for you to use such IPR yourselves on completion of the Services. We also assure you that we have all necessary consents and licences to be using the third party IPR in the first place.
  • You will no doubt provide us with certain materials which you wish to be included on the website, including but not limited to information, graphics, logos, photographs, video, text, designs and images (the "Content"). You assure us that you either own all IPR in the Content or have a licence to use such IPR and you hereby grant to us a non-exclusive non-transferable licence to use the Content for the purposes of performing the Services


  • If acts beyond our reasonable control occur (such as fire, flood, war, giant explosions, acts of God or governmental acts), whilst we will obviously do our best to battle through and deliver the Services, we wont be responsible for delay or non-performance as a result.
  • If any of our Ts & Cs are considered illegal or unenforceable, you and we agree to delete that provision but the rest will stay in place.
  • Nobody likes hidden surprises, so except as expressly set out in these Ts & Cs all conditions and warranties are excluded as far as the law will allow.
  • We work with a number of very talented sub-contractors who will help us deliver the Services to you. At the time we agree the Specification with you, we won't always know which sub-contractor will be helping us so we reserve the right to put any of them on the job.
  • These Ts & Cs will take precedence over all other terms and conditions with respect to the Contract. Whilst they are not set in stone, any variation to them must be agreed by both of us in writing.
  • These Ts & Cs are governed by English law and any disputes we may have (not that we're anticipating any) will take place in English courts.

Data Protection

This website is owned by SAV London Limited. This policy lets you know how we use and process the information we collect about you when you visit www.sav.co.uk. We will only use your information in ways that are compatible with this Privacy Policy.

What information do we collect?

We will collect personal details such as your name, email address and telephone number either from information that you have given us whilst using the website or from any personal correspondence with us, such as emails. We also automatically collect information about your visit to our site using Google Analytics. This information is used to make your visit to our site more efficient, and to help us follow browsing preferences on our site so that we can make regular improvements.

What do we use the information for?

We will use your personal details in order to respond to your queries about the services we provide. We will not sell your details to any unconnected third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

How do you keep my information safe?

We take appropriate measures to ensure that the information you give us is kept secure and we will do our best to protect it from unauthorised access. We will also make sure that it is only kept for a reasonable period of time for the purposes stated above.


Email tracking

Our quarterly newsletters employ tracking so that we can monitor at an individual level whether a recipient has opened the email and what content they have clicked on. We only send our newsletter to recipients who have subscribed via our website or who are a current client. Recipients are able to easily unsubscribe from the newsletter if they wish.

Third party sites

We link to a number of other websites on our site, usually those of our clients. We are not responsible in any way for the privacy policies of these sites nor for the way in which they may use the information they collect about you.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may decide to amend this Privacy Policy, so you should review it periodically so you are aware of any changes.

Information requests

You can ask for a copy of the information we hold about you at any time. We will also correct any inaccuracies in your information at your request.