Renewable Energy Consumer Code

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code protects and represents consumers that are using energy generation systems in their homes. It commissioned a website to help fulfill an array of obligations to both its members and the Trading Standards Institute.

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Supporting an industry body

The RECC website supports the organisation’s increasingly complex and challenging needs. Featuring a member’s area, authorised companies can access useful information and use the training platform designed to improve the service they offer consumers.

To help streamline and automate the members' auditing process, the site also features a secure area where auditors and businesses can share required documentation. The RECC is also responsible for processing and resolving consumer complaints, so to speed up this process we built a complaints management system into the site’s back end.

"We were very impressed by SAV's attention to detail in creating such a complex system from scratch. We have had many compliments on the clarity and simplicity of the website that sits in front of it."

Virginia Graham, Chief Executive

Renewable Energy Consumer Code website's homepage

Renewable industry experts

We’ve worked with the RECC and its associated bodies since 2006. Work has included the creation of an energy trading platform for the Green Gas Certification Scheme. This scheme was set up to track the supply of green gas through the supply chain, and to provide certainty for those that buy it.

To help authenticate the scheme, the RECC asked us to create an online platform that tracks each unit of green gas injected into the national grid, from source to final customer. The system then generates verifiable certificates to assure consumers of green gas that their energy is legitimate.

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