Charitable Commitment


Each year, we get involved with good causes we believe in, for people we really like.

When our founder Stuart created SAV, he decided to make the most of running a web design company by building free websites for charities that would otherwise be unable to afford one.

Ever since then, that commitment has remained and we continue to use our skills for good causes. A bit like geek superheroes, but without the angst. We usually take on a couple of projects each year and continue to host, develop and nurture their sites for as long as they want us to. As our company grows, so do the charities we help, in number and in size.

If you represent a charity in need of a fantastic website, do get in touch - we'd love to hear from you. Because we've got to make money (or else we couldn't do this), we can't always get involved, but next time we sit down and figure out who we can help the most, you'll definitely be on the list.